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Discovering Science through Science Fiction

“Full many a gem of purest ray serene,
The Dark unfathomed caves of ocean bear;
Full many a flower is born to blush unseen,
And waste its sweetness on the desert air.”

Thomas Gray ‘Elegy in a Country Churchyard’

Uncovering the gem, the flower of science, in science fiction.

Where did the discovery happen?

library rot1440


In the library in Joliet Illinois reading science fiction as a youth (Photo by Cara Flynn)




Where has the science fiction led to the science?




Discoveries in nuclear physics, magnetism, nanotechnology, brain research, and a new method for detecting cancer:

Superparamagnetic Relaxometry (SPMR)



Check out the science fiction published on Amazon.com that followed the science

The Medicine Man’s Visitor  Ben was once the greatest of the great Medicine Men. Now a strange visitor from another universe is needing his special gifts, not only to help his people but to save the world from an invasion of monsters.

The Silent World: Volume I of the Goddess of Creation TrilogyThe ship is almost destroyed by a gamma-ray burst from one of the thousands of satellites surrounding the planet. Attempts to contact the civilization on the planet are met with silence; why will the planet not acknowledge their attempts to talk to it?

Maya, Goddess of Creation: Volume II of the Goddess of Creation Trilogy Once a silent planet to visiting spaceships, the planet Creation has opened itself up to human visitors from a newly arrived ship from Earth. Expecting to be met by the sentient computer entity that has ruled this world since his appearance  long ago, they are Instead met by a beautiful human-appearing woman named Maya.

Brent: Volume III of the Goddess of Creation Trilogy The fleet of spaceships has a mission, destroy all the machines that have infested the bodies of living beings across the galaxy. Not an easy task,; the machines have to be destroyed without killing the infected bodies under their control.

The Wasted Worlds A young space marine, T’Dien, finishes special training to fight a mysterious alien race, the Cingali, threatening all of humanity. He is singled out because his mind is different than the others.

The Scepter of Tesarus A relic, a scepter, is discovered by a young boy during an archeological expedition in the ruins of an ancient temple on a distant planet. The scepter was the greatest advancement of that civilization, destroyed a million years ago, meant for a young priest giving him the power to rule, but is killed when the temple was destroyed, dying before the scepter could protect him. Now the scepter bonds to the boy, talks to his mind, vows to protect him, help him fight the Gortiki that killed his intended master.

The Anomalous Planet After centuries of travel the star ship  arrives at its target planet. Genie, the sentient computer controlling the ship, awakens the Captain from cryo-sleep only for her to discover a world full of anomalies. The magnetic field is all wrong, the planet wobbles back and forth instead of rotating, and to make matters worse, there are two alien cultures already present.

These science fiction stories are available on Amazon.com as printed books or can be downloaded for Kindle devices.